Disabled dating

Dating For Disabled UK DerbyLove in the Stars is proud to support people from all walks of life on their journey to find true love.

Regardless of disability, please don’t let insecurity, loss of confidence or shame stop you welcoming that perfect person into your life.

Whether you are looking for friendship or something romantic, we will strive to support you every step of the way. Love is universal, mysterious and transcendent – we all deserve it. We want you to enjoy your experiences meeting new and exciting people and when you finally connect with someone special, it’s important to meet up in safe places and to take care along the way.

Always let your family know of your location and what you are doing, it is also important that those who care for you know who you are going to meet by their full name and phone number.

Your carers will help you both if you need them and at least they’re on hand to do so if something goes wrong. Another good idea is to bring one of your parents along with you for a touch of reassurance; this gives parents a chance to meet each other and to share their thoughts and ideas to help you both in your special relationship.

It’s always a big worry for any parent when their children grow up and start meeting new partners. But it’s an even bigger responsibility for the parent if they have an adult with disabilities. Whether you’re 18 and over your parent will always have your heart at best interest! All parents want to see their children happy and settled in their lives. Safety is the key and extremely important not only for you and your parent, but to us also!

If you’ve never dated anyone before this can be a frightening experience but remember everyone goes through this. We all feel a little anxious about meeting new people or saying the wrong thing so just remember you are not alone!

I can’t tell you how important this is, as a mother, I speak from my heart and yes, my son has a disability too and I can’t wait for him to find his true love on here!

Good luck and many blessings your way, to all our unique people, on here we are as ONE!

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