Wings - Photo: Ratha Grimes via Creative Commons

Losing a loved one

Losing a loved one can be a harrowing experience leading to loneliness, stress and existential pain. You may feel that nobody understands your heartache and a solution to this anguish will be forever unattainable. Finding that kindred spirit who can relate, comfort and talk is the most significant step a human can take towards emotional healing. We thrive on relationships and during a period of hardship, a strong bond is what matters most.

Having worked as a medium and clairvoyant with a diverse range of wonderful clients, I have built a compassionate understanding of the fragile human state. Using this knowledge I can offer my utmost commitment in aiding your recovery and finding a healthy mental and spiritual balance. We all lose somebody at different points in our life and I know this is a part of nature, but the circumstances can be very difficult to accept and lead to truly damaging circumstances.

You’ll likely be asking why me? What did I do to deserve such torment? It’s a hard pill to swallow and more often than not we don’t want to burden others with our pain. Having someone who has been through a similar situation and talking it through with them can help exponentially. It doesn’t mean you are letting go of your loved one, it is simply accepting the need to be happy again. You deserve happiness and your loved one will be there in spirit to guide you to a positive future. Signs of their support will always be there, it could be something as simple as a song you both loved playing on the radio or a white feather you see out of the blue! Take these special moments to comfort and enjoy life.

One day you will be happy again and don’t think you’re being selfish by doing so. You will make this decision on your own when you are ready to start again, whether it’s for a friendship or something more special in your life! Even if someone is going through the same situation as you, they will certainly know what it feels like to feel alone and how you still miss your loved one every single day of your life.

The one thing you don’t want to do is rush into anything that you not sure about. Time is all that you need and to be patient with yourself.

Love and many blessings to each and every one of you.


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