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Affairs of the heart may be complicated right now, with a relationship in peril of ending. Do what you can to salvage the connection but be ready to let go if needed. Work is richly rewarding right now, with your hard work finally being noticed. A raise or a promotion may now be yours. You're brimming with optimism today. Your surroundings are energizing you and you're ready to put in the hard work necessary for success. Optimism is faith that leads to achievements. Continue to feel hopeful and move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Today's the day to make a bold decision.


A recent loss or accident may be causing you some stress. Weight current decisions carefully to avoid fraud or deception. Join a club or partake of a social event if you are feeling lonely or cut off from others. You will be a welcome addition to any party or social group. Face the fears that are holding you back. Good fortune is headed your way. Financially, this is one of the most rewarding days of the month. Extra hours of toil yield much deserved profits today. An informed decision will help you meet a desired goal. Remember that your resolve to succeed is more important than anything else. Your attitude towards life determines what you become.


You are happiest right now when you are alone, free to pursue philosophical or spiritual thoughts. You may feel a need for change, may be feeling restless. Success can be achieved if you listen to elders and take time to attend to your mental and emotional health right now. Domestic and official tasks demand your attention. When you live for a clear purpose, hard work is a necessity. Control your wandering mind to find success. Demands are equally high professionally and personally but a little tact will help you handle both fronts with equal efficiency.


You are buoyant right now, enjoying material success. Healthy body requires a healthy food and healthy outlook. This is an ideal moment for a new project or idea that has been taking shape in your mind. Pursue that plan now while you are feel confident and supported. Keep a cool head to retain all you've accomplished recently. Many forces are vying for your attention, both at work and at home. Increased support (both emotional and financial) boosts your confidence and you emerge as a winner in all situations. Your emotional bonds with loved ones, especially father figures, take precedence over all other concerns.


Enjoy qualitytime with family, perhaps sharing a meal. Express the worries you may be feeling for a younger sibling. Monetary issues need your attention. Don't get carried away with spending now and you will have money for travel and entertainment later. You never felt so close to your family and children as you do today. This is perhaps one of the greatest days of the month. You feel full of energy and ready to express love for those dearest to you. While you have the freedom to party with loved ones, also pay attention to the tasks at hand.


An opportunity to take a short journey away from home may be on the way. You may be accompanied by a caregiver or sibling. Take care to communicate effectively now, whether through email, phone or text. Being a good listener is key. Secret conversations are possible, as are undisclosed alliances (perhaps unfriendly ones). Drive slowly or take public transportation. Avoid impulsive talk and actions today. This introspective period might require you to set aside your feelings in order to take care of details now.


Be diplomatic in your conversations with family members right now, especially parents and grandparents. Enjoy leisure time but avoid risky monetary choices, such as gambling. Just being or working outdoors should engage your creativity and spiritual side. Follow your gut. It?s time to work on one to one relationships, as partnerships and business deals are likely today. Sales deals will be the easiest nut to crack (if you are in that profession) as you seem to be a pro now. Your hard work and conviction seem to be your key to success. Lay your hands on something new and different.


Enjoy yourself now but don't overdo it. Risky behavior could lead to injury or an accident. Disputes with professed enemies require diplomacy. Your creativity and dedication at work are visible for all to see. An elder, perhaps a grandfather, will need or offer assistance. Love and money matters move ahead in a demanding environment. Excitement makes life worth living. You make a strong impression on those around you. Collaborations may be imminent. Use tact rather than a stern and forceful approach to bend things in your direction. Tact is the art of convincing people they know more than you do.


You may be feeling alone, surrounded by enemies engaging in small minded disputes. Ignore the competition and focus on the work at hand. Some new training or learning a new skill will serve you well. Those closest to you -- partners, spouse, clients -- are in focus. You may be feeling cagey and unable to concentrate on work or hobbies. You're seeking new meaning in life. The search continues both inwards and outwards. A journey may be required of you. The mantra for the day is to break with shackles of the past and spread your wings to soar into new horizons.


Monetary setbacks may be a cause of stress right now. Weigh all plans and purchases carefully. If unmarried, it may be time to take the next step in your relationship. Now is an ideal time to tie up loose ends and prepare for a new phase in life. You work hard for success and luck is now on your side. Rewards and recognition are your's at work. Relationships are also harmonious. Accept success as a gift and be humble. Modesty wins the hearts of those around you. You only have to do a few things right in life as long as you don't do many things wrong.


A secret or a mistake may be weighing on you right now. Share your concerns with a trusted mentor or teacher. Engaging in vices or risky behaviors would be harmful to your health and reputation. Instead, look to spirituality and meditation, maybe even to travel, for relief and answers. Shed your inhibitions and reach out to the world. Mingling with others and freeing yourself are the keys to success. Grab opportunities as they arise or you will regret it. Accept difference in perspective and allow understanding to guide your communication with others.


Complications may occur before or during travel. Your managerial skills will prove useful in dealing with any complications that you face right now, at home or at work. Your ability to lead and work hard has been noticed by others and will soon be rewarded. This is a perfect time to regroup and reassess. Don't panic if you have too many things on your plate right now. Move at your own pace. Just keep following your gut when making decisions. Clarify your priorities and you will move closer to your goal.

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